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  • RCSkills is a RPG plugin with its own combat system and a very extensive API for developing skills und building classes. It is possible to modify every damage source available in Minecraft and use the damage source in skills.
    With its unique configuration aproach it is easy to learn and to configure skills as well as change them on the fly.
    RCSkills is designed to have a huge and extensive API which can be used by the many skills and effects. But also the goal was to make the configuration and the programming of new skills easy and intuitive. If you want to learn more about the idea behind the RCSkills plugin you should continue reading this article. On the other hand if you want to configure already progammed skills and effects go to the RCSkills - Configuration tutorial or jump directly into configrung Skills and Effects.


    Plugin Dependencies

    To install RCSkills there are some requirements which must be met before you can sucessfully run the plugin for the first time. RCSkills has quite a few dependencies you need to install first:
    • Raid-Craft API - Provides general dependencies for all Raid-Craft plugins
    • WorldEdit - Is needed for the commands and therefor RCSkills to work
    • ProtocolLib - Needed for faking Pakets (like Castbar, Names, Tablist, etc)
    There are some optional plugin dependencies which give quite a few cool extra features:
    • TabDeco - Custom Raid-Craft version of TabDeco to display the scoreboard
    • TagAPI - Colors the name above players based on their PvP and group status
    • RCConversations - Enables conversation based class choices via NPCs
    • RCItems - Gives the option to create custom items with attributes and stats that can be used by classes and skills
    • RCMobs - Gives the ability to configure custom mobs with special abilities and levels
    • RCLoot - Have custom mobs drop special items or loot chests distributed in you world


    After installing the dependencies from above please make sure the following prerequisites are met.


    All commands and functions of RCSkills come with permissions. To make it easier most of these permissions are already grouped together to a super permission. Also note that you can do your own permission handling (groups) with the RCPermissions plugin which simply hooks into RCSkills and uses skills as permission groups.

    rcskills.restricted - Gives all relevant player permissions without the permission to choose a profession via command (if you only want RCConversations to assign professions).
    - rcskills.player.profession.list
    - rcskills.player.profession.info
    - rcskills.player.skill.info
    - rcskills.player.skill.list
    - rcskills.player.pvp
    - rcskills.player.cmd.info
    - rcskills.player.cmd.link
    - rcskills.player.cmd.addexp
    - rcskills.player.cmd.combatlog
    - rcskills.player.cmd.partyhealth
    - rcskills.player.cmd.clearcache
    - rcskills.player.cast
    - rcskills.player.bind
    - rcskills.player.autobind
    - rcskills.player.unbind
    - rcskills.party.invite
    - rcskills.party.leave
    - rcskills.party.accept
    - rcskills.party.deny
    - rcskills.party.kick
    - rcskills.party.list

    rcskills.player - Gives the same permissions as rcskills.restricted plus the option to choose a profession via command.
    - rcskills.restricted
    - rcskills.player.profession.choose

    rcskills.mod - Gives the permission to add levels and exp to players.
    - rcskills.player
    - rcskills.admin.debug
    - rcskills.admin.maxout
    - rcskills.admin.exp.add
    - rcskills.admin.exp.remove
    - rcskills.admin.level.add
    - rcskills.admin.level.remove
    - rcskills.admin.level.set
    - rcskills.admin.heal

    rcskills.admin - Allows the adding and removing of skills as well as purging players from the database.
    - rcskills.mod
    - rcskills.admin.purge
    - rcskills.admin.skill.add
    - rcskills.admin.skill.remove

    rcskills.hero.allow-level-above-treshhold - Allows the player to level above the defined treshhold.


    Can be found here for now: git.raid-craft.de/raid-craft-d…raidcraft/skills/commands

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