Mob Abilities

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  • Every custom mob can have multiple abilities that are used randomly thruout the fight. By configuring the cooldown of the abilities it is possible to control the fighting style of the mob.
    A mob ability is basically a skill that does not need a player to be executed. To see details about how to configure some basic properties of skills see the Skills and Effects tutorial. If you want to know how to configure a mob you need to look at the Mobs plugin tutorial.

    Below is a list of all programmed mob abilities and their custom section properties that can be configured. See the Skills and Effects tutorial if you dont know what custom properties are and where to configure them.

    Active Abilities

    Custom Mobs will constantly try to use their active abilities. Only when the ability is on cooldown it will not be used. All spaces in the ability name need to be replaced by a dash: -. You can also define inline alias abilities if you want to use an ability more than once. Simply use any unique name you wish and specify the ability property in the config.

    Example exerpt from a mob config:

    Source Code

    1. ...
    2. abilities:
    3. # first use of the strike ability
    4. strike:
    5. name: Blutung
    6. custom:
    7. # we set the custom property "bleed" so the victim will get a bleed effect
    8. bleed: true
    9. # flat damage of 50 + moblevel * 12
    10. damage:
    11. base: 50
    12. level-modifier: 12
    13. # the ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds
    14. cooldown:
    15. base: 12
    16. effects:
    17. # we also need to define the duration, interval and damage of the applied bleed effect
    18. bleed:
    19. name: Blutung
    20. duration:
    21. base: 6
    22. damage:
    23. base: 22
    24. interval:
    25. base: 2
    26. # we want to use the strike ability a second time, but this time as a stun
    27. strike2:
    28. # specify the base ability here
    29. ability: strike
    30. name: Kopfnuss
    31. custom:
    32. # we want to apply the stun effect on a successful attack so we set this to true
    33. stun: true
    34. damage:
    35. base: 30
    36. cooldown:
    37. base: 30
    38. effects:
    39. stun:
    40. duration:
    41. base: 4
    42. ...
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    The ability code above will make the victim of the mob bleed for 6 seconds with an interval of 2 seconds every 12 seconds. It will also stun the victim every 30 seconds for 4 seconds.

    Heal Random Target

    Will heal a random target in the group of the mob. Use the damage property of the skill to define the heal amount.

    heal-lowest: true/false - Will prioritize targets with lower health
    smart-healing: true/false - Will only heal if target needs healing (health < heal-amount)


    Strike is a universal meele combat attack skill with lots of properties to modify the attack (small example above).

    knockback: true/false - applies knock back to target
    bleed: true/false - applies periodic bleed effect
    stun: true/false - applies stun effect
    sunder-armor: true/false - applies stackable sunder-armor effect
    disarm: true/false - applies disarm effect
    ignore-armor: true/false - ignores armor with this attack
    slow: true/false - applies slow effect
    weaken: true/false - applies weaken effect
    burn: true/false - applies periodic burn effect
    interrupt: true/false - interrupts casted spell
    silence: true/false - applies silence effect
    poison: true/false - applies periodic poison effect

    Summon Mob

    Will summon a custom mob (no vanilla mobs possible).

    mob: world.example.mysupermob - unique name of the mob
    amount: 1 - amount to spawn
    kill-on-death: true/false - if the summoned mobs should be killed when the summoner dies
    kill-on-combat-leave: true/false - if the summoned mobs should be killed when the summoner leaves combat

    Passive Abilities

    Passive abilities are triggered when something happens to the mob or are passibly active all the time. An example would be the death of the mob or simply it taking damage.


    Gives the mob a damage and attack boost when it falls under a certain health treshhold.

    treshhold: 0.5 - health treshhold in percent
    damage-increase: BaseSection - mob will take increased damage
    attack-increase: BaseSection - mob will deal additional damage

    Knockback Resistance

    Will give the mob a certain chance to not get knocked back when taking damage.

    chance: BaseSection - chance of knockback resistance


    Makes the mob run aways in panic under a certain health treshhold. Behaves just like animals when they are hit.

    panic-treshhold: Double - Health in percent

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