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  • The RCMobs plugin makes it possible to configure and spawn custom mobs with special abilities, health and damage values. It is also possible to define spawn groups that will spawn in a set location with the defined interval.
    With RCMobs it is possible to replace all natural spawning creatures and animals in a world. Simply define what mob types to replace in the config and it will spawn random custom mobs instead. It is also possible to attach loottables that drop custom items based on the player level.


    All mob commands are available for admins only and start with /rcm.

    Will reload all mob configs from disk and reset spawn timers.
    spawn <mobname>
    Spawns the given mob. You can specify the unique name or a partial of the display name (spaces are allowed).
    spawngroup/sg <groupname>
    Spawns the given mob group. You can specify the unique group name or a partial of the group name (spaces are allowed).
    setmobspawn/set <mobname> <cooldown>
    Sets a fixed spawn location for the given mob. The cooldown is in seconds and the mob name must not contain spaces but partial match is possible.
    setmobgroup/setgroup <groupname> [cooldown]
    Sets a fixed spawn location for the given mob group. The cooldown is in seconds and the group name must not contain spaces but partial match is possible. When no cooldown is defined the default will be from the mob group config.
    deletespawn/delete [-r <radius=30>]
    Deletes mob and group spawns inside the given radius.


    When configuring the RCMobs plugin there are two parts to consider. First you need to set some general config properties in the config.yml file and define what mob types to replace with custom mobs. You can also adjust different radius properties to influence mob replacement and spawning.
    Please discuss a folder structure strategy that makes sense for your server and dont randomly place mob configs in one folder. A good folder structure will make it easier to find and add new mobs later on.


    This is an example config.yml file with comments to help you configure your RCMobs installation.

    Custom Mobs

    Custom mobs are loaded when placed in any folder structure inside the plugins/RCMobs/mobs/ folder tree. The folder structure plays a crucial part in the naming of the mob. The unique (system) name of the mob will be one part folder names and the other part config file name. For example:
    When you have a mob config in plugins/RCMobs/mobs/world/city/catacombs/evil_spider.yml the unique name of the mob will be world.city.catacombs.evil_spider. As you can see each subfolder is concatted with a dot and build the final unique name of the mob. The same is valid for mob groups (see below).

    For each custom mob you can configure the following properties (the properties in red are not yet implemented and orange means random values between min and max):
    • Maximum Health
    • Starting Health
    • Armor Value
    • Level
    • Damage
    • Elite Status (true/false)
    • Rare Status (true/false)
    • Mob Type (Zombie, Spider, etc)
    • Baby (true/false) - only for Ageable Mob Types: Zombie, Pig_Zombie, Villager, etc
    • Health Reset (true/false) - Resets health to max when leaving combat
    • Equipment (Helmet, Chest, Legs, Boots and Weapon)
    • Natural Spawning (true/false) - If the mob will spawn naturally in the world or needs a fixed spawn point
    • Death & Hurt Sounds
    • Loot Tables
    • Abilities - Skills that will execute randomly
    The mob abilities are listed and explained on a separate page and you can also find out the basics about how to configure them from the Skills and Effects tutorial. Here is an example mob config with comments:

    Mob Groups

    To make things interesting you can combine several mobs inside a group and set spawn points for the group. Mobs will then randomly spawn in different amounts and chances based on the group config. See the commented example config as an explanation. All group configs must end with .group.yml or else the plugin will try to load them as mob configs!

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