Mob Spawning and Killing

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  • Explains how to spawn and kill the spawned mobs and groups with actions.
    Mobs and Groups can be easly spawned but if you want to remove the spawned mobs you need to track the entities.

    Use these actions and requirements for mobs and mob groups for spawning and killing:
    • rcmobs.mob.spawn
    • rcmobs.mob.remove

    Source Code

    1. actions:
    2. '1':
    3. type: rcmobs.mob.spawn
    4. args:
    5. mob: custom.mob.path
    6. id: 0gu43g803hg904 (needs to be a unique id, in quests you can use "")
    7. .....
    8. # somewhere later
    9. actions:
    10. '1':
    11. type: rcmobs.mob.remove
    12. args:
    13. mob: custom.mob.path
    14. id: 0gu43g803hg904 (must be the same id as above)
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