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  • RCTips is a Raid-Craft InHouse plugin that makes it possible to show dynamic tips based on events to players.
    The plugin uses the Action API to show tips dynamically to players based on their actions. For example on level up or location based tips. Tips can be repeatable with a cooldown or will only show once. Players can opt out and disable all tips by executing the command: /tips toggle.


    Tips requires the Raid-Craft API to be installed. It also generates two databases tables, one for players and one for all tips that were shown to be player with a timestamp. Other plugins can provide trigger and requirements to the tips plugin by using the Action API.


    The tips plugin configuration is very simple and expands on the use of the Action API configuration. It uses trigger and requirements to control when to show tips to players. For ease of use there is an InGame Command to create location based tips. See the command section for more information.

    Tips are loaded with all subfolders inside the tips/ folder and their unique identifier is created based on the folders and the file name. So a tip located in tips/beginner/first-level-up.yml will have the unique id beginner.first-level-up. You will need to keep in mind that moving directories and tip config files around will reshow them to players that already got the tip because the identifier changed.

    An example tip configuration can look like this:

    Commands and Permissions

    There are only very few commands and all players have the permission to toggle the tip display.

    /tips toggle
    Toggles if tips are displayed.
    /rcta reload
    Reloads the tips plugin and all config files from disk.
    /rcta create [-e (enables)] [-c
    <cooldown>] [-r <loc.radius>] [-d
    <display,comma,splitted> (chat,etc)] [-m <folder name>] identifier name tip message
    Creates a location based tip, can also be used to create tip templates.

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